Flexible Dieting Crash Course

Through 30 daily lessons, learn the ins and outs of macro tracking, building healthy lifestyle habits and sustaining results without restricting the foods you love.

Personalized to You

Get personalized macros from a Working Against Gravity coach. Then, gain the tools and education to actually stick to them without limiting the foods you love.

Our coaches have helped thousands of clients reach their weight loss and performance goals. They've honed the art of setting macros through years of practice and practical experience.
In the course, you'll receive a personalized  macro breakdown based on information you share with us. 

"This course was amazing and incredibly helpful. I appreciated all the tips and tricks to deal with the everyday struggles of trying to be healthy. [The course] looked at health overall and not just the food intake and provided individual feedback with goal setting and follow-through. Thank you for everything!!!"

Crash Course Graduate

How does it work?

Throughout the WAG Crash Course, you’ll receive:

Daily lessons drop one at a time starting the day you sign up. So, it will take 30 days to complete.

We know that life happens. If something comes up and you miss a day, it is no big deal. The content will continue to unlock and you can continue to work through it at your own pace.

With each day and lesson comes an action for you to take to ensure you're implementing what you learn and getting real value out of the course.

On Day 6 of the course, you'll submit a questionnaire to a WAG Coach. They  will use the information you share to give you a personalized set of macros based on your goals, lifestyle, dieting history and food preferences.

Every day of the course is full of prompts, downloadable PDFs and worksheets you can complete to further your learning (and keep it handy in the future).

WAG is all about community, and our Facebook Groups help to make our program great. Join in the conversation, ask questions, and work through each day of the course with like-minded people.

You'll also get access to our Crash Course Inbox if you have questions or need personalized support that you don't feel comfortable posting about in the Facebook Group. 

You always have access to the course material so you can review it whenever you need a refresher!

If you decide to join Working Against Gravity’s 1:1 nutrition coaching after finishing the course you'll receive...

  • One free month of nutrition coaching with Working Against Gravity
  • 50% off a MacrosFirst Premium yearly subscription
  • Discounts from our favorite companies in the nutrition and fitness space

Daily lessons and actions to ground yourself

No longer feel helpless about your weight

This applies to gaining and maintaining too, if that’s what you’re after! We’ll teach you the same methodologies we’ve used to help over 25,000 people make incredible transformations.

Create a custom nutrition plan for yourself.

A one-size-fits-all secret to nutrition doesn’t exist. That’s why we believe that taking an individualized approach to nutrition is the only way to get truly sustainable results.

Build more confidence in your nutrition habits.

With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll develop trust in yourself that you CAN conquer your nutrition goals.

Take measurable action in your life right away.

This course will do more than simply inspire you to make a change (although it’ll do that, too). Every single day will leave you with actions you can implement immediately.
After all, actions = results.

"“I am really grateful for this course. I started it, because my expectation was to dive deeper into nutrition and all that goes along with it. My expectations were overreached and I've learned a lot so far (well-rounded knowledge about mindset, markers of change, how to calculate your macros, overhaul your environment, and so on).”"

Crash Course Graduate

Take a Deeper Look

What can you expect to learn over the 30-day course? Click each week below to get a breakdown of the daily lessons.

  • Day 1: Course welcome - Learn what is coming your way and how to set yourself up for Crash Course success.
  • Day 2: Goal Setting 101 - Setting realistic and measurable goals is key to keeping you feeling empowered.
  • Day 3: Tracking Progress - Learn how to effectively track different metrics and measures of progress (hint: there is more to life than the bodyweight scale!)
  • Day 4: Start with Mindset - We'll outline the biggest mindset traps that we see people fall into and share ways to turn it around and keep moving towards your goals.
  • Day 5: Nutrition Basics - Learn why the New Nutrition Pyramid is key to figuring out where to focus your efforts to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Day 6: Get Your Macros! - On Day 6 you'll fill out a questionnaire we will use to send you a personalized macronutrient breakdown.
  • Day 7: Intro to Macronutrients - What is the difference between calories and macronutrients anyway? We'll also answer common macro-tracking FAQs.
  • Day 8: Protein - What is the role of protein in your body, why it is important to your health and where can you get it? Vegetarian or vegan? We have options for you too! 
  • Day 9: Dietary Fats - Next up, fats! We'll continue our review of the three macronutrients on Day 9.
  • Day 10: Carbohydrates & Fiber - Carbohydrates are the last of the three macronutrients and the main source of fiber in your diet. We'll dig deep into it!
  • Day 11: Getting Micro - Micronutrients are an important part of a well-rounded diet. Learn where to get them and why they're worth prioritizing.
  • Day 12: Weighing and Tracking Your Food - It's a learning curve for sure so we'll share the best practices that have worked for THOUSANDS of WAG members.
  • Day 13: Overhaul Your Environment - We know that willpower is finite. This means that macro-fying your environment is one of the keys to nutritional success.
  • Day 14: Meal Planning & Prepping - How and when to shop is key to crushin' it at the grocery store. There are also a million ways to prep the food you buy and the one that is "best" is the one that fits your lifestyle.
  • Day 15: Check-in Day - This is your half-way mark of the course. We'll share how to create a check-in routine with yourself and assess how things are going.
  • Day 16: Conscious, Mindful Eating How you eat is just as important as what you eat when it comes to your health. On Day 17 we'll teach helpful meal mindsets.
  • Day 17: Sleep - We'll talk sleep hygiene so you can get the most out of your ZZZ's!
  • Day 18: Hydration - Are you drinking enough water? Why is it so important, anyway? If you need a bit more, how can you make it happen?
  • Day 19: Alcohol - What role does it play in your body and how should you account for it in your nutrition plan?
  • Day 20: Stress - Stress plays a huge role in your mindset, motivation, and food choices. Learn how stress can impact progress and sharing tips to move through it.
  • Day 21: Accountability - You can't do it alone (neither can we!) and intentionally creating accountability systems is a progress game-changer.
  • Day 22: When You Aren't the Chef - You won't have 100% control over everything you eat for the rest of your life! Plus, we all need a restaurant date night now and then with a friend or partner. We'll share how to stay on track when you're tracking foods you didn't prepare yourself.
  • Day 23: Nutrition Timing - Take a deep dive into nutrition timing and talking about pre- and post-workout considerations.
  • Day 24: Boundaries in Difficult Situations - Sometimes standing up for your needs can feel tough. We'll show you how. 
  • Day 25: The Big 3: Flexibility & Consistency - There are 3 big players in your long-term success that require a unique balance based on your goals. We're tackling the first two on Day 25: Flexibility & Consistency.
  • Day 26: The Big 3: Sustainability - When we find the right balance of consistency and flexibility the result is sustainability which is where the real magic happens.
  • Day 27: What it Takes to Get Lean - We'll getting REAL about the commitment it takes to get lean depending on YOUR goals.
  • Day 28: Self-Compassion FTW - Trust us...everyone falls sometimes! Learn how to get back up when you stumble.
  • Day 29: Making Adjustments - As your goals and body change, so will your macros. On Day 29 we'll share how and when to shift your targets to keep tracking towards your goals.
  • Day 30: Weapons of Massive Consistency - How can you keep results long term? Where can you go from here? We tackle these big questions on the last day of the course.

"“I am really grateful for this course. I started it, because my expectation was to dive deeper into nutrition and all that goes along with it. My expectations were overreached and I've learned a lot so far (well-rounded knowledge about mindset, markers of change, how to calculate your macros, overhaul your environment, and so on).”"

Crash Course Graduate

Pricing & Bonuses

If you decide to join WAG's 1:1 coaching program during or after the course you'll receive...


one-time payment

If you join WAG 1:1 coaching during or after the course you'll receive:

- One free month of WAG Nutrition Coaching

- 50% off a yearly MacrosFirst Premium subscription

- Discounts from our favorite nutrition and fitness brands


"This course provided an ideal introduction to all of the ins and outs of nutrition and much more. Drip fed at a perfect pace throughout 30 days, the coaches made extremely complicated concepts easy to digest. In a short amount of time, we were able to understand every aspect of what can affect our well being followed by how to make any necessary changes. Supported by weekly Zooms, the coaches led us in turning the theory into practicalities whilst addressing any unique individual question we had. As a total newbie, the huge amount of information we were provided with could have been baffling, intimidating and confusing. However, the manner in which it was presented made it engaging, relatable and life changing"

Crash Course Graduate

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