Working Against Gravity

Macro Coaching Masterclass 

Beat imposter syndrome, attract your ideal clients and build the confidence you need to become the nutrition coach you were meant to be.


Become a great nutrition coach. 


Great nutrition coaches recognize that sometimes a client needs a coach to believe in them more than they believe in themselves. But, believing in yourself as a coach is the first step. And that can be hard.

We know you have what it takes because you made it here. You have a desire to learn and grow and that is what makes a great coach great

Take a second and ask yourself…

What if I jump in and ACTUALLY make it? 

What if I DO have what it takes? 

What could my life look like?

Being a great nutrition coach means looking beyond the science. It means digging into client mindset, accountability, and habit building. It means developing your confidence as a coach. If you know you want to change people's lives but don't know where to start, consider this it.

We may believe in you more than you may believe in yourself right now the same way your future clients will need someone to believe in them.

This Masterclass will help you believe in YOURSELF and your ability to help others reach their goals.

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What You Get

Daily Content

With daily email content delivered right to your inbox, you'll learn five of the biggest things you'll need to unlock your coaching potential.

Live Webinars

Join Adee and Michael Cazayoux EVERY DAY of the masterclass at 4pm CST for live zoom calls so you can ask questions and level up your knowledge. Calls will be recorded so no stress if you can't make them live!

(Optional) Homework

The key to getting results as a nutrition coach is putting in the (home)work so you can put what you learn into practice ASAP.

"I enjoyed having two experienced amazing people guide me into the right path to be successful doing what I love. I loved the atmosphere and the exercises that came along with this that allowed me to really think about my why and putting myself in clients' shoes."

~ Britany O. 

Meet Adee

WAG Founder & CEO

Having started Working Against Gravity in 2014 and making a name for herself in nutrition, Adee Cazayoux has worked with elite athletes such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Jessica Lucero, Kara Webb and Tia Clair-Toomey, just to spotlight a few.
Beyond being a coach to the pros, Adee is a textbook lifelong learner. She's completed her Bachelors in Honors Psychology, Masters in Teaching and has a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance.

Meet Michael

WAG President & Director of Marketing

Michael Cazayoux specializes in helping his team and clients “get out of their own way” by identifying self-limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors. 

The back-to-back CrossFit Team Champion is no stranger to the process of self-examination. Michael has confronted his own limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors head-on by overcoming his addiction. This experience inspired a love of health and fitness which later translated into a passion for coaching and mentoring inside and out of the gym.

Keleen M.

"Learning how to be an effective coach is a lifetime journey... it is shared and taught beautifully by Adee and Michael! They provided concrete tools, allowed us to think through those concepts and how we could use them in our endeavors, and taught right from the heart."

Amber T.

"The class touched on everything a new coach could be nervous about. I loved the break-out groups and the live q&a opportunity. In a time of limited human connection, this felt so raw, real and genuine. Thanks for an awesome five days of human reliability!"

The Content


There is more free information on the internet now than ever before. Your ideal clients can “Google” everything they need to know about how to get and stay fit and healthy.

If information and knowledge were enough, then obesity wouldn’t be a problem and everyone in the world would have the body and health of their dreams.

To be an effective coach you need to go beyond regurgitating the sciency stuff to your clients. You need to be able to trust yourself FIRST so your clients will then trust YOU to help them reach their goals.


Here is what to expect over the five-days:


Imposter Syndrome

What is it and how to move past it so you can start realizing your full nutrition coaching potential.

How to Set Macros

Learn how to find the best starting set of macros for your client so they start their journey strong.

Habit Building 101

Helping your clients built habits they can trust and rely on is key to their success.

Building Trust

Your clients need to trust you if they're going to follow your program and advice. We'll dig into how to create a strong baseline relationship.

Managing YOUR Emotions

The way you show up reflects in your ability to support your clients. Managing your emotions is one of the MOST important things you can learn.



"[The Imposter Syndrom] lesson really hit home for me! It opened my eyes to this being 'normal' and they gave practical takeaways to double-check yourself when you start to feel like an imposter."

~ Christopher D.

Who Is It For?

- Nutrition Coaches
- Fitness Professionals
- Gym owners
- Health and Wellness Professionals
- Anyone who wants to get clients and help them make lasting change

What You Need

- The desire to develop and be an incredible coach.
- You do NOT already need to be a coach
- You do NOT already need to have clients or a business.


Ready to Commit?


  • Five days of lessons delivered right to your inbox
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies developed through our work with thousands of clients
  • Daily (optional) homework to help you put what you learn into action right away
  • Five LIVE Zoom calls with Adee and Michael Cazayoux to dig deeper and ask questions
  • More information about the WAG Coach Certification and where to go post-course

"I found by verbalizing my thoughts in the smaller break-away groups I was able to think a little deeper and be more precise with my responses... I don't think I would have the same clarity with only the email homework."

~ Masterclass Student